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Welcome to AllStarLink 3

AllStarLinkā€™s version 3 is the next generation of AllStar repeater and hotspot software. This version of AllStar has been redesigned to run on Asterisk 20 LTS (Long Term Support), the latest Debian Linux operating system, and modern hardware or virtual machines. The update from Asterisk 1.4 to Asterisk 20 implements over 15 years of Asterisk bug fixes, security improvements and enhancements. It brings with it the latest Asterisk applications, channel drivers and additional functionality.

AllStarLink Landing Page

This update required app_rpt (the Asterisk application that is AllStar) and it's various modules to be heavily modified. Many memory leaks have been addressed, modules load or refresh more reliably and many bugs have been squashed. This all adds up to improved stability and uptime.

In addition to the many app_rpt improvements and fixes, the code base is easier to maintain and enhance. The goal being to make app_rpt code accessible to more AllStar developers. Also, the app_rpt code base has been modified to meet AsteriskĀ® coding guidelines.

Supported Hardware & Software

  • Any x86_64/amd64 hardware device
  • Any emulated x86_64/amd64 virtual machine
  • Any arm64-based device such as Raspberry Pi
  • Any emulated arm64 virtual machine
  • Debian 12

New Features

In addition to the app_rpt code update, we have added many new features to make ASL3 the best AllStar release yet.

  • Asterisk runs as non-root for increased security.
  • Raspberry Pi image with attractive landing page, system management, service discovery and reduced microSD wear.
  • Packages for Debian 12 Bookworm for any platform running x86_64/amd64 and arm64
  • Worry free apt updates and upgrades. Linux Kernel updates won't break your node!
  • HTTP AllStarLink Registration and DNS IP address resolution with fallback to file.
  • USB improvements including live logic view and auto device string discovery.
  • Improved menu includes compatibility with user config file edits.
  • Access lists modified to individual per node lists with CLI or menu management.
  • Configuration templates to simplify edits and menu updates.
  • EchoLink code has been extensively reworked to improve stability. Added chats and doubling prevention.