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Hot Spot Unkey Delay

When setting up a hot spot select the Duplex 1 option with the asl-menu will allow the hot spot to function. However the unkey delay of the radio transmiter will be too long.

These steps will shorting the unkey delay and will greatly improve hot spot responsiveness.

  • From the node's landing page click the Web Admin Portal
  • Select terminal
  • Type sudo asl-menu
  • Select 6. Expert Configuration Menu
  • Select 1. Edit rpt.conf
  • Select 2. /bin/nano <---- easiest if asked
  • Scroll down below the line with [<your node number>](node-main)
  • On a blank line that is above [functions]
    • type wait_times = wait-times_hd
    • press enter and type hangtime=100
    • Save with cntl-X, enter, yes.
  • On the asl-menu select <Back to Main Menu>
  • Select 1. Node Settings
  • Select 2. Restart Asterisk
  • Select <Back>
  • Select <Exit Main Menu>
  • Select <Yes>

This setup will likely be a single menu selection with the next release of ASL3.