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SA818 RF Modules

Setting up an SA818 RF module is much easier on ASL3.

Two new commands were added to ASL3 Pi Appliance systems to program the module. We believe that most will prefer using sa818-menu, a visual interface to the RF module settings. But, for those who prefer a command line interface we have also included sa818.


To program your SA818 with the menu executing the following command from the Linux shell :


Here, you will be able to view the last saved (or default) settings. Please note that the "last saved" settings are those saved by the sa818-menu command on your system. We have no way to "read" settings from the SA818 RF module.

The settings include :

Setting Description
Band Specify the module type (VHF, UHF)
Bandwidth Narrow (12.5KHz) or Wide (25.0KHz)
Receive Frequency
Transmit Frequency
Squelch Value Default = 1
Volume Default = 1
Sub-audible tone None, CTCSS, DCS
Pre-Emphasis/De-emphasis Default = Disabled
High pass Filter Default = Disabled
Low pass Filter Default = Disabled
Serial Port Default = /dev/serial0 or /dev/ttyUSB0
Connection Speed Default = 9600

If you change the sub-audible tone setting to CTCSS or DCS you will be presented with a list of possible tone frequencies. When using CTCSS tones, you will also have a setting for the CTCSS Reverse Burst (Tail Tone).

The RF module will be programmed when you exit the menu.

Note: if you make changes that you do not wish to have stored then use the ESC key to exit the menu.


To program your SA818 using the command line you can execute the sa818 command. For command usage information, use sa818 --help.