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Pi Appliance

AllStarLink 3 features a modern appliance of AllStarLink while retaining the ubiquitous Raspberry Pi experience that's well-documented and familiar to the amateur radio community worldwide.

Cockpit Web Admin Interface

The AllStarLink Pi Appliance includes the user-friendly Cockpit system for ease of administration. Cockpit is access on port 9090 of the appliance. In these examples the hostname node63001 is used and should be replaced with the name you set during setup. If the name node63001 was used at setup, then pointing a browser to https://node63001.local:9090/ will bring up the Cockpit interface. Note: The hostname only works when your node and your PC are on the same LAN. Otherwise use the IP or dns name you assign. Login is the username and password that was setup during the Pi imaging process.

The first connection will report a message that "Your connection isn't private". For the Pi appliance, this is acceptable. Click on Advanced and then Continue to node63001.local (unsafe). This only must be done the first time. Browser Warning

Enter the username and password configured during the imaging process above. Click Log in Cockpit Login

Cockpit is fairly intuitive to use, but here's are a few pointers to help get started: